I am in Baku, at last. It took us 5 hours just in the customs. Inept officials, stupid protocols and too much paperwork. My friends left yesterday but I stayed to see Baku. Acerbaijan capital is a crazy city, the petrol money runs free on the streets and there is high consumption fever. The most expensive cars, the most exclusive shops, the highest skyscrapers just beside the old Muslim town. I met three Scotish guys last night. Baku is full of them, it´s called Little Aberdeen. They work in the petrol business and spend one month here working and drinking and one month off at home, drinking as well. We hit of and had good drinking night. But today I leave to Shaki, a little town on the Caucasus mountains and tomorrow go to Georgia, the small country in permanent cold (and sometimes hot) war against Russia. Georgia makes good wine and is the birthplace of that great killer called Joseph Stalin. I will visit his village, Gory, and his museum. It gonna be interesting.

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Andrew dijo...

We are on your trail of your interesting trip very carefully! And each story more interesting preceding. We are wait partience for continue of your trip. Andrew and Ol'ga

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