Dear friends:

I am in Georgia. It was a surprise because in the Georgian Border at Lagodekhi no one shouted at me, no one asked for money and no one looked at my passport searching for any sort of fake, criminal signal or lack of validity. No visa needing for European Citizens and easy getting vehicles. And after the short procedure, they told me: Welcome Georgia. And I really appreciated what does it mean when just few km I stopped in at a small bar. There were 8 guys, big as castles. They invited me to join them for eating and drinking. All of them hated Russia. We were at the North of the Country and the Russian Invasion was really near in the time. The Russian troops are still in South Ossetia, where is forbidden to go for foreigners. These Minor Asia region is a puzzle. Armenian Troops, supported by Russia, are in Acerbaijan territory of Nagorno Karabagh, so the border is closed; is also closed the border between Armenia and Turkey. So you have to look properly the map to not going into the wrong place.

Georgia is very good. Poor country but green and wet. Very good watermelons here. Afer so long riding deserts, I am really happy riding forest mountains, bends and twisted roads. From the road, you can see the castles and monasteries on the hills. There are haundreds beside the rust and abandoned factorys. I also visited Gory, Stalin´s Birthplace. A mad nightmare to celebrate the most dangerous guy on Earth. He married two times and his two wifes died before. The last one killed herself, I can guess why. But nothing about purges and crimes is told in the museum. Even when Georgia has moved away all the communism staff which is still visible in Ukrain, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Finally I got the Black Sea shore side, which is more or less their California beach road but with no palm trees and no bikini models walking around, but is Ok, because it means I am arriving Turkey.

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