Game Over


Dear friends,

I got to Istambul and that means my Eastern Trip is over. I crossed the Bosphorus from the Asian Side and now you can say I am back to Europe. It has been such a long and hard journey. What can I say? It has been horrible and beautiful, I met the worst and the best people, I felt really alone in the middle of nowhere and very happy with all kinds of new friends.

But Istambul is like a good prize. I have not enough words to express my emotions staying in Bizancio, Constantinopla and Istambul. This city is History it self, is two Worlds touching each other, it is three cities and is also a very special place to be. And is also chaotic, noisy and deeply Turkish. I feel at home here. I have had a good rest here but is time to keep moving.

Be well.

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